Listen to Apple Music for free with Shazam for up to five months

Shazam has a festive offer: the music recognition app gives free Apple Music from two to five months. Of course you will not let that pass!

Free Apple Music at Shazam

New users can stream music via Apple Music for free for five months via Shazam. Have you had Apple Music with a free trial before? Then you will still receive two months as a gift via Shazam. That is of course also a great promotion. But how exactly does it work?

  • Download the free app Shazam.
  • Put on any song and open Shazam.
  • Press the big Shazam button and wait for Shazam to recognize the number.
  • Tap “Play Entire Song”.

Now you will see the offer that applies to you. This is a temporary promotion – it will run until January 17, 2021. So don’t pass up!

Shazam in the control panel

Shazam can now also be found in the control panel of your iPhone. The app is not even a requirement for that. Learn how the Shazam button works in our article Recognize music with Shazam in the control panel. Please note: to take advantage of the offer above, you must have the app.