‘Linking service’ IFTTT releases app for Android

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IFTTT, short for “If This Then That,” has released an app for Android. The software makes it possible to link various functionalities via the internet, making it possible, for example, to switch on the lamps in the house when e-mail is received.

The arrival of the Android application was confirmed by IFTTT on its website. Interested parties can download the application for free from Google Play for their Android device, if it is running on version 4.0 or higher. The development team promises to expand the functionality of the app in the future.

With IFTTT it is possible to create a link between different functions, which are called ‘channels’. For example, it is possible to automatically send an SMS as soon as the user has arrived at work, or to switch on the lights in the house when an e-mail arrives. The Hue lamps from Philips are suitable for the latter. Within the app are a lot of pre-programmed links, which IFTTT calls ‘recipes’.

The software is already available for iOS, but the makers claim that the Android version offers more options, TechCrunch reports based on statements by CEO Linden Tibbets. This is probably because software makers are less restricted on Google’s mobile operating system.

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