LinkedIn launches Clubhouse-like feature for US audio events

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LinkedIn will introduce a feature in the US to set up audio events on the platform. A video feature will be added later in the spring. With these events, the social media company hopes to attract more professional digital events.

US users participating in the open beta will not need any third-party software to host the audio event, according to TechCrunch journalists who were able to speak to the company’s top executives, including to record or recreate the event. to listen. There will also be tools to moderate the conversation and tools to allow the audience to engage in conversation with a speaker, both during and after the audio event. The interview with TechCrunch shows that the feature will be free for the time being.

Those audio events fit into a broader LinkedIn plan. That plan is to expand the Events hub on the social network in the United States. In January, as part of that plan, there will be the open beta of audio events, but in the spring of 2022 LinkedIn is also expected to introduce a feature that allows for video events.

The company has been developing a Clubhouse-style feature for audio events since April of last year. Not only LinkedIn has developed such a function. Twitter, Discord, Spotify, Facebook, among others, have copied the feature that made Clubhouse so popular. Amazon is reportedly in the process of developing a similar feature.

LinkedIn Live Broadcast Event

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