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Light show with drones delivers a world record

Drones are completely upcoming. These flying devices can be used for different purposes. A parcel service via the air, as a floating parasol or for making beautiful drone photos from the air; multifunctional such a drone. There is even a serious drone competition. With drones a beautiful light show can also be given.

Light show with drones

In Folson, United States, Intel has set a new record for a light show with drones. The light show was in honor of the 50th anniversary of computer company Intel. In total 2,018 drones flew into the air that formed the contours of the earth, people and the Intel computer chip with light. They also broke their previous own record and that of Ehang.

An LED light is attached to the drones. Four trillion color combinations are possible in the air. Because they are at a precise location in the air, every animation can be drawn in the sky. The team can monitor each drone separately from the control center. The colors can also be controlled from a distance.

The drones are specially made for entertainment purposes. Who knows, we will soon be watching such light shows with drones more often. Instead of an evening at the cinema, looking outside at the sky. Would that be something?

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