Lian Li comes with O11 Dynamic Mini casing for 100 euros

Lian Li has officially unveiled its O11 Dynamic Mini case. The case is comparable to the larger PC-O11 Dynamic and offers space for ATX motherboards. The housing can be pre-ordered through a few web shops and has a suggested retail price of 100 euros.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini is 380mm high, 270mm wide and 420mm deep, which is relatively small for an ATX housing. The housing is particularly notable for its modular design. The case has seven expansion slots for PCIe add-in cards as standard, but this can optionally be reduced to five or three slots for Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards. When users do this, more and thicker water cooling radiators will fit in the O11D Mini. The case can accommodate up to three 120mm fans on the top and bottom and two 140mm fans on the side.

Lian Li has redesigned the Mini variant in collaboration with overclocker der8auer. The Dynamic Mini thus retains the design of the current housings in the O11 series. This divides the cabinet into two parts; behind the motherboard is another compartment where, among other things, a power supply and HDDs and SSDs can be placed. The housing is largely made of aluminum with glass panels on the front and side, according to Lian Li. The O11D Mini also offers space for SFX and SFX-L power supplies and video cards with a maximum length of 395mm. CPU coolers can be up to 170mm high.

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini has a suggested retail price of around 100 euros and is currently listed in a German webshop . The housing can be temporarily ordered in advance for 90 euros. The case appears to be available from December 24th. However, a British retailer mentions an expected delivery date of January 4. In the US, the product will be available on December 11 . Lian Li also sells a separate riser kit with which a video card can be mounted vertically.

Lian Li already announced the PC-O11 Dynamic Mini at CES in January. Initially, the company would release this housing earlier this year , but the housing was postponed several times .