LG seems to confirm the arrival of 42″ OLED TV in C-series before 2022

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It seems that the previously announced 42″ OLED TV format will make its appearance next year. A Korean database mentions a 42″ LG C2 OLED TV and this model also appeared briefly on the official Korean LG Electronics site.

The model can be found in a certification database of the Korean Radio Research Agency. This means that LG has submitted the model for certification, confirming the model’s existence with a high degree of certainty. The model also featured on the official Korean LG Electronics website; it was removed there, but it is still visible via Google cache. The display of the 42″ C2 OLED TV, among others, was discovered by Vincent Teoh, a television reviewer who reports about it on his YouTube channel HDTVTest.

The C2 will be the successor to this year’s C1 and will likely come in sizes from 42″ to 83″. The arrival of a 42″ OLED TV was announced earlier this year and it initially looked like it would be released in the second half of this year, but there was already a rumor in the summer that the release of this format was postponed to next year, but more models may be released in this smallest format, for example in the A, B, and G series.

More new models and sizes can be found on both sites. For example, the Korean LG website showed information about an 83″ version of the G2; the current G1 range does not go beyond 77″. Furthermore, a 77″ version of the A2 seems to be coming out; that format already exists for the current A1 OLED TVs. This A series covers the cheapest OLED TVs that LG offers. The B2 also comes along, which is the successor to the B1 models.There is little or nothing available about the specifications of the various models.

No information is yet available about the 97″ format; last month Korean media stated that LG will release OLED televisions in this format in 2022. That would become the new largest OLED TV format; currently 83″ is the largest diagonal for 4k -oled TVs; for LG 8k OLED TVs, that’s 88″.

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