LG patents design for foldable smartphone

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LG has patented a design for a foldable smartphone. The device has speakers and microphones on both sides of the screen, so that the user can unfold it in two ways.

In folded position two magnets prevent the phone from being opened, reports LetsGoDigital . One of the cameras is on the outside near the fold, so that users can take pictures without having to unfold the device. LG filed the patent application in 2015, which shows that the manufacturer has been working on the idea for years. The US Patent Office has approved the application and recently published it.
LG is not the only one who has worked on an idea for a foldable smartphone with a single screen that is also foldable. Samsung, Motorola and Huawei, among others, seem to have been involved. Up to now, no smartphone has appeared that can do this. Devices that come closest are two-screen telephones such as the ZTE Axon M .

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