LG introduces lineup of wireless earphones with active noise cancellation

LG introduces new versions of its wireless Tone Free earphones: the FP5, FP8 and FP9. The trio is equipped with active noise cancellation. The two most expensive versions have more functions and an antibacterial charging case.

According to LG, the new lineup features Bluetooth 5.2 and Headphone Spatial Processing from Meridian Audio for virtual surround sound. The manufacturer also says that the drivers are larger and improved compared to the previous generation, which would result in more powerful bass sound. The ‘stick’ on the ears is 4.4 mm shorter than on the predecessors.

The three versions have an IPX4 rating and all have active noise cancellation and three microphones per earbud. The earbuds also feature a whisper mode, where users can hold the right earbud close to their mouth like a microphone to have conversations without speaking loudly.

LG’s Tone Free FP8 earphones come with a case that can be charged wirelessly. The case of the FP9 variant requires wired charging, but the case of this model can work as a bluetooth adapter, by connecting it with a 3.5mm audio cable to a device that does not have bluetooth.

With the included charging cases, the battery life is up to 24 hours, says LG. The earphones themselves last eight hours before they need to be charged. The FP8 and FP9 are equipped with a UV nano case. It contains UV LEDs that kill bacteria.

According to LG, the new earphones will be released ‘in the summer’ in white, black and gold. The LG Tone Free FP5 has a suggested retail price of 129 euros, the FP8 with charging case that can charge wirelessly costs 179 euros and the FP9 with case that can serve as a bluetooth adapter costs 199 euros.

From left to right: LG Tone Free FP5, FP8 and FP9