LG G3 77″ OLED TV with micro lens array has a suggested retail price of 6299 euros

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LG has announced the prices of its OLED televisions for 2023. These are the B3, C3, G3 and Z3. The G3 series is equipped with the micro lens array technology, which should lead to a significantly higher brightness. The 77″ format of the G3 will have a suggested retail price of 6299 euros.

The C3 series has the largest number of image sizes: the range goes from 42 to 83 inches and prices from 1699 to 7199 euros. With the G3, only the screen diagonals of 55, 65, 77 and 83 inches are available for suggested retail prices of 2799, 3999, 6299 and 8699 euros respectively. Prices below are by LG published in Germany; the suggested retail prices in the Benelux may differ slightly.

The G3 is the model that received the biggest upgrade on paper over last year’s model. This has to do with the implementation of the MLA technology, which the B3 and C3, for example, do not have. The Z3 televisions are the only OLED TVs with an 8k resolution in this list.

MLA adds an extra layer to those panels that counteracts the internal scattering of light within the substrate of the panel and actually emits a greater portion of the light towards the viewer. With the same electrical input, this means more light output and, according to the manufacturer, also better viewing angles.

Fashion model Size (inch) Release Price
B3 55 April € 1899
B3 65 April €2799
B3 77 April €4499
C3 42 March €1699
C3 48 March €1799
C3 55 March €2399
C3 65 March €3199
C3 77 March €5299
C3 83 March €7199
G3 55 March €2799
G3 65 March €3999
G3 77 March €6299
G3 83 March € 8699
Z3 77 March €14,999
Z3 88 May €29,999
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