LG does not provide a 5-year warranty on Z1 and G1 OLED TVs in the Benelux

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LG says it will not offer an extended five-year warranty to buyers of LG’s top OLED models, namely the Z1 and G1 TVs. This is the case in the US and the UK, although it is not yet entirely clear what exactly is and what is not.

LG informs Hardware Info through Jeroen Peeters that this extended period of five years will not apply here and that a decision will be made per region, which depends on the market situation. The company announced on Saturday that it is extending this five-year warranty in the US and UK to the 77″ and 88″ versions of the Z1 OLED TV and to the 55″, 65″ and 77″ versions. version of the G1 OLED TV.

The South Korean manufacturer mentions the extended period of five years on its British site, indicating that the extension is motivated by the high confidence that LG has in these televisions. This five-year warranty covers ‘all panel faults’ on these OLED TVs. It specifically concerns the models of these two TVs from 2021. In the first year of the warranty, the coverage is broader, including panel parts and labor costs. From the second year through the fifth year, only panel problems are covered.

This warranty quickly raises the question of whether this also means that any burn-in problems are covered. HDTVTest submitted this question to LG. The company responded with a statement making it clear that the panel will investigate and repair or replace the panel in the event that a customer encounters issues during everyday use of a G1 or Z1 in normal mode. With that, LG seems to confirm that burn-in is also covered. This conclusion is reinforced by the fact that LG notes that there is no coverage for professional use where static images regularly remain on the screen. The latter is specifically something that can cause burn-in.

LG OLED 5 year warranty

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