LG announces 325″ TV with 8k resolution for $1.7 million

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LG has announced a lineup of direct view LED televisions, which will be available in variants with different screen sizes and resolutions. The highest-ranking 325″ model will have an 8k resolution and will cost $1.7 million.

According to CNET, LG’s dvled televisions will be available in variants with screen sizes from 108″ to 325″, available in different resolutions from ‘2k’ to 8k. The televisions do not have an LCD layer, but instead use individual LEDs as pixels. That is comparable to some large televisions from other manufacturers, such as the Samsung The Wall and Sony Crystal screens.

A number of LG’s dvled models also use microleds, with a pixel pitch of 0.9mm. The South Korean manufacturer is also introducing Dvled televisions with a pixel pitch of 1.2mm and 1.5mm, although the LEDs of those models are too large to be referred to as microLEDs, CNET writes.

The dvled televisions would be intended as an alternative to high-end projectors, which can also achieve screen sizes of more than 100″. In addition, the dvled TVs achieve a higher peak brightness of 1200cd/m². The televisions have a relative screen ratio of 16: 9, although LG also sells ‘double’ variants with a 32:9 aspect ratio.

Source: LG

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