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LG adds Google Assistant to the updated ThinQ app

LG updates its app for smart home service and integrates the Google Assistant in the application. In addition, the Korean company is changing the name of the app from SmartThinQ to ThinQ.

LG presents the updated version of its SmartThinQ app at the IFA trade show in Berlin. This scholarship takes place from 6 to 11 September. According to the South Korean electronics giant, the new app makes it possible to control all smart LG devices with WiFi support. This includes washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and air cleaners. With the new ThinQ app, all these devices can now also be controlled or controlled via voice command, albeit only in English for the time being. LG does not use its own speech technology for this, but relies on the Google Assistant.

For example, the app allows users to remotely set the temperature of the air conditioning or check how long the washing machine is still running. It is also possible to request information about the properties, functions, and maintenance of devices. “Anyone who wants to know what the yellow light on the refrigerator means can just ask that later,” LG says.

The new ThinQ app will be released around September 6 for Android smartphones and iPhones.

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