Lenovo would be working on Moto G100 smartphone with Snapdragon 870-soc

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Lenovo would like to release a Moto G smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870-soc, a variant of Qualcomm’s high-end soc from last year. That phone has already been presented in China as Edge S and would be released worldwide as G100.

A device called Moto G(100) has appeared in the Geekbench database and it also contains the code name: Nio. That is the same code name as for the Edge S phone presented in China last month.

Last month, EvLeaks said on Voice that the Nio would be released as a G100 outside of China. The G100 would get an HDMI accessory to transfer images to a monitor. In addition, it is possible to turn the phone over to use the main camera for video calling.

The G100 would run on the Snapdragon 870, a new variant of the Snapdragon 865, a soc that was used a lot last year. The working memory of the phone would be 8GB. Since Lenovo has already presented the Edge S in China, an announcement for the western market could soon follow. Lenovo presented the Moto G10 and G30 last week.