Lenovo starts selling vr headset Mirage Solo

Lenovo has put the Mirage Solo on sale, the vr headset that was announced early this year and is based on Googles Daydream platform. For the time being, the Mirage Solo is not yet available in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the American web shop of Lenovo the costs the Mirage Solo $ 400, which translates to around 334 euros. Although the sale has started, the manufacturer reports a delivery time of between four and five weeks. In addition, the Mirage Solo is not yet in the Dutch and Belgian webshops of Lenovo.
The Mirage camera has also been put on sale, and for this device, a price of 300 dollars is required. With this camera it is possible to shoot images in the VR180 format, or video images that are suitable for vr in 180 degrees.
Lenovo announced the Mirage Solo in January, just like the Mirage camera, and then also let it know that the device had to come out in the spring. Then in rumors was still talked about a price of less than $ 400, but this turns out ultimately not to be correct. What the euro price is going to be is not yet known.
The Mirage Solo has a 5.5 “screen with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, and a battery of 4000mAh.This battery is needed because the vr headset not with wires connected to an external device, such as a PC, based on Daydream, the vr software from Google, tracking through Google Worldsense, a way to position the user and move in all directions. track without external sensors.