LEGO Star Wars Battles coming to Apple Arcade next week

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LEGO Star Wars Battles is coming to Apple Arcade on Friday, September 24. The mobile rts game was scrapped in May, but a few weeks ago developer TT Games Brighton announced that the game would be coming to Apple Arcade.

In the LEGO game, players can use characters, vehicles and locations from the LEGO Star Wars series to fight 1-on-1 against other players. It is a multiplayer RTS where armies from the light and dark side of the Force can be used. Characters are upgradeable and players can build Lego towers on the playing field.

The game became limited available in a number of countries in 2019, but the developer canceled the game in May. On July 1, the servers were taken offline. At the end of August, however, the developer announced that the game would return as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

LEGO Star Wars Battles will be playable from September 24 on Mac computers, iPhones, iPads and Apple TV devices. Users must have an Apple Arcade subscription of five euros per month for this.

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