‘Leaked iPad Pro 2018 case betrays redesign’

In addition to the iPhone 2018, we expect Apple to unveil a new iPad Pro 2018 next month. It promises to be spectacularly different from all previous iPads. Now a cover has appeared that has to fit the new iPad Pro via Slashleaks .

Apple would present two new iPad Pro models with Face ID in September. It is a 12.9-inch and an 11-inch model. The latter is there to replace the current iPad Pro with 10.5-inch screen. The iPad, however, would not be much larger than its predecessor: the screen grows, but at the same time the edges become narrower. The 12.9-inch model is even a lot smaller because the screen remains the same size and the edges narrow. The cover that came up was meant for the 11-inch model and raises a lot of questions.

Shifts the Smart Connector?

In late July it was rumored that the Smart Connector, with which you put a keyboard on the iPad Pro can confirm, shifts from the side to the bottom of the iPad Pro near the Lightning port. That seemed wonderful to us, because you have to use the iPad with the keyboard in vertical position. That is particularly unstable – especially in the case of the huge 12.9-inch iPad Pro. In addition, Apple’s marketing story about the iPad thwarts an alternative to a PC. What then again calls for a Smart Connector at the bottom is that Face ID only works in vertical position.

But there it is: a pill-shaped opening in the cover, on the side of the Lightning-gate. You should of course ask yourself on the basis of which this cover is made. Perhaps the rumors of that time are the basis of this case. It could also be that this opening is for Touch ID on the back of the iPad – although it looks like Apple is switching to Face ID.

Even more noticeable

The cover has more details that ask calls. Firstly, the opening for the camera only seems to offer space for a single lens. The better iPhones have two, something you might also expect on a Pro model from the iPad. Underneath the camera and the volume buttons, right in front of the spot where the Smart Connector is now, there is also an opening. Perhaps this room offers a second Smart Connector. Or maybe this notch is meant for an on / off button that then slides down. And then there is a small mysterious notch on the spot where the Smart Connector is now. Too small for a headphone connection, for example. But what does it serve? We are expected to hear it around September 12 during a keynote from Apple.