Leaked info betrays the arrival of Hue plug and Hue lamps with ‘filament’

A leaked folder contains information about a range of new Hue products from Signify, the former Philips Lighting. In addition to a Hue Smart Plug, Hue Filament lamps with a ‘filament’ would appear later this year.

The Hue Smart Plug from the folder that iCulture got its hands on through a tipster is a smart plug that is supposed to be compatible with Apple HomeKit. Users can set schedules and timers to control the connected lamp, as well as use sensors. The Hue Smart Plug would also be voice controlled via Apple’s Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri. The suggested retail price is 29.95 euros.

The leaked folder also shows photos of new Philips Hue Filament lamps. These are ‘pears’ that look like classic light bulbs with a filament. Three models are said to be in the works: a small round, E27, a large round, G93, and an elongated variant, ST19. iCulture found that these lamps also work with Bluetooth, which means that a Hue Bridge for these products may not be necessary. The prices vary from 19.95 to 29.95 euros.

According to the site, new versions of existing Hue lamps will also appear in the autumn, such as the candle shape and the GU10 variant. There would also be a successor to the Hue Go orb in the pipeline, as well as a number of new spots.

Almost all new Philips Hue products are expected to be released in September or October. Signify is expected to officially unveil them during the IFA trade show in Berlin, which will take place from September 6-11.

Signify declined to comment on the publication.

Some of the leaked Philips Hue products. Image: iCulture

Fashion model price Launch date
Hue Smart Plug €29.95 ?
GU10, white, white ambiance, white & color (with bluetooth) €19.95, €29.95, €59.95 week 36 (Sept)
Hue White Filament, Edison, Globe (with bluetooth) €19.95, €24.95, €29.95 week 37
Candle E14 (with bluetooth) €19.95 week 37
Hue GO V2 (with bluetooth) €79.95 week 40 (Oct)
Fugato spot from €89.95 week 37
Argenta spot from €89.95 week 37
Centura recessed spot from €64.95 week 37
Adore mirror lamp from €149.95 week 45 (Nov)
Adore bathroom spot from €49.95 week 45