Leaked data shows that AMD Zen 4 processors almost all have igpus

Leaked data from the hack at Gigabyte shows that AMD Zen 4 processors almost all have igpus. With Zen 3, that is only the case with the G series. The hack also reveals other info, such as that Zen 4 processors have twice the size of L2 cache.

All types of Zen 4 processors say ‘integrated’ under graphics, Chips and Cheese reports. Perhaps there will be a series similar to Intel’s F models, where the igpus are defective or deactivated, but the Zen 4 apus will have igpus as standard. Details of this are not yet clear, although it is obvious that it is a newer architecture than the Vega GPUs in the Ryzen 5000G processors.

Furthermore, the jump from Zen 3 to Zen 4 is comparable to that from Zen 1 to Zen 2, according to the information. The architecture changes are relatively minor and much of the performance gains will have to come from moving to TSMC’s 5nm process. However, the L2 cache goes from 512kB to 1MB per core.

The data comes from documentation from Gigabyte, which criminals put online after a hack earlier this summer. Earlier this month, according to reports, the RansomEXX group infected Gigabyte systems with its ransomware, looting 112GB of data. It wouldn’t be about customer data.