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Laser gaming in Virtual Reality, it is already possible in Utrecht

VR Laser Gaming is a new concept from The VR Room and introduces the whole of the Netherlands to laser gaming in Virtual Reality (VR). You can now experience it yourself in the center of Utrecht on the Twijnstraat.

Laser Gaming 2.0

Step into the virtual world with four players at the same time. With a VR headset, special vest, gun, a physical tower to hide behind and your senses on sharp you play two pots of an average of 6 minutes. Two against two you take it against each other during a game laser gaming 2.0.

You have to experience this yourself

In the virtual world you stand high above the abyss and your enemy is on the lookout. You conquer towers while actively avoiding someone else’s lasers. Hide behind your tower, bend, aim and shoot!

It is really bizarre to feel when you are hit, you really forget that everything around you is not real, I become quite fanatical. ” Thus one of the visitors during the test days.

Where laser guitars normally take place in furnished rooms, the VR variant takes place on a few square meters. You put the headset on and the impressive virtual world is sucked. If that is not enough, you can feel exactly where the shot of your opponent has hit you by wearing a laser tag vest.

Collaboration, discovery and gaming

A lot has happened in recent months, says initiator van den Bijgaart. “ The VR Room always surprises with special Virtual Reality experiences.We have been very busy lately with the realization of VR Lasergamen.We have managed to add extra elements to this experience.It has become a super location , a place where you can work together, discover and play together.To play a game you do not have to reserve but you can just walk in to play a game with your friends.The people who are looking for an extra adrenaline kick can also take place in our hydraulic race simulator.

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