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Labfresh now also has anti-sweat and stain t-shirt on Kickstarter

The Dutch Labfresh had something remarkable last year: a shirt that was not dirty. The Kickstarter campaign was extremely successful and raised more than 150,000 euros. They are going to take it a step further because after the shirt it is time for a t-shirt that cannot get stains and that (more importantly) is not susceptible to perspiration.
That would be great if it works, because then you can work undisturbed in a shirt like this, without dirty spots and (thanks to the silver particles that are incorporated in the shirts) also without strange odours. A crowdfunding campaign was also set up for this shirt, and it has reached the starting amount of 15,000 euros within a few hours. Apparently the shirt gave birth!

The shirt is mostly liquid-repellent: nothing is attached to the outside and therefore you can wash everything away with water. The interior breathes especially well and ensures that moisture is distributed and pushed to the outside so that it can evaporate more easily.
Now tests show that the shirt is not a wondershirt and that sweat and odor is indeed released when you start running with it. Whether the t-shirt uses a different method to make that process better is not clear when you look at the campaign.

Sustainable costs what

The shirts are not cheap: you pay 35 euros for a black, gray or white shirt on Kickstarter, although you can also get two for 60 euros. If you really believe in what they do you can immediately buy five and then they only cost a bit more than 25 euros each. Eventually, the shirts cost 45 euros each in the store.
Anyway, the basic idea of the shirts has already been proven with the shirts, so if you’re hungry for long-lasting shirts, this might be something. Sustainability is the ultimate goal of Labfresh: they hope that because the shirts are of good quality and they are not so dirty you will wear them as a consumer longer. Then a slightly higher price can also be sold.

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