Kuo: A MacBook Air and 14″ and 16″ Pro with ARM chip will appear next year

Well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will release a new MacBook Air with ARM processor early next year at the latest. According to him, new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros with their own ARM chips will also appear in 2021.

Ming-Chi Kuo expects the MacBook Air with Apple soc to appear in the last quarter of this year or the first quarter of next year. The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with ARM processor are expected to get a new form factor and release in Q2 or Q3 2021.

Kuo doesn’t specify what the new form factor entails, but rumors have been circulating for some time that Apple plans to release a 14-inch MacBook Pro in a housing of the current 13.3-inch MacBook Pro. This is possible by narrowing the screen edges.

The new MacBooks would be released in addition to a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with ARM chip. It should appear at the end of this year and that would be Apple’s first laptop with its own ARM processor, Kuo reported earlier. Kuo reports nothing this time around a 24″ iMac with an Apple processor, according to both MacRumors and 9to5Mac.

Apple announced at the end of last month that it was switching from Intel to its own socs for the Mac line. All Macs should have an ARM processor version within two years. The company is making a Mac mini with A12Z-soc and macOS Big Sur available to developers so they can customize their apps for the migration. It is rumored that Apple’s first ARM soc for Macs will have 12 cores and will be made on a 5nm process.

Marketing image with which Apple touts the features of its own chips