KPN starts this year with 5g tests

KPN starts this year with tests where it will try 5g. For example, there will be a test in Drenthe with mmWave set-ups, with which the provider will offer internet on high frequencies and at high speeds.

 official logo 5g KPN not announces anything about where in Drenthe the test will take place, but the Dutch provider does another trial with drones for agriculture at Valthermond. With the test, the provider wants to find out how companies and institutions can use 5g for various applications.
In addition to the test to try out 5g at high speeds, the provider will test the variant of 5g on two motorways, which should allow low latency to make. This is done on the A58 between Eindhoven and Tilburg and on the A270 in the vicinity of Helmond. KPN does this as part of the European Concorda project. Cars have to communicate with other cars, matrix signs and traffic lights with short reaction times.
There will also be a test with ‘massive mimo ‘ in the Amsterdam ArenA. With massive mimo, transmitters and receivers use beamforming where a transmitter mast first determines the location of a device and sends an extra strong signal to the telephone by means of smart antenna techniques.
KPN is the first Dutch provider who publicly announced several tests for 5g techniques. T-Mobile has been busy with tests of massive mimo in Amsterdam. Tweakers published a podcast on 5g on Thursday.