Kojima Productions opens division to make TV series and movies

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Game studio Kojima Productions opens a new division in the US state of California to work on music, TV series and movies. A former CEO of PlayStation takes charge of the new team. Kojima previously indicated that he wanted to make films.

The new division will explore capabilities “beyond game development”, writes Kojima Productions on Twitter. Furthermore, Hideo Kojima’s game studio refers to an article on Gamesindustry.biz stating that the new division will be working on music, TV and movies around the studio’s games. Riley Russell, who spent 28 years with Sony’s PlayStation division, including chief legal officer, will take charge.

According to Russell, the division will be working with people from the TV, music and film industries, as well as the games industry. The goal is to increase the reach and awareness of the games in development at Kojima Productions. Kojima Productions states that ‘finding new ways to entertain our fans’ is important.

Two years ago, Hideo Kojima already indicated that he planned to make films. According to him, films, TV series and games are increasingly competing with each other due to the rise of streaming techniques.

Kojima Productions released Death Stranding in 2019. Cutscenes with famous actors play an important role in that game and various musicians have also contributed to the game. Death Stranding was the studio’s first game since it became independent. Before that, Kojima Productions was part of Konami and made games like Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hills. The rights are still with Konami.

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