Kodi is coming to Xbox One

Kodi will be released as a full Universal Windows Platform app in the Windows Store and will soon be usable on the Xbox One. The app started out as a media player for the Xbox console under the name Xbox Media Center.

Kodi has been in the Windows Store for a while in a version made with the Desktop App Converter, but now the developers are going to release a full UWP app, Neowin writes based on the announcement at the Windows Developer Day.

It is still unknown when the release will take place. It is also unclear whether Kodi will be available on Windows 10 Mobile, the mobile version of Microsoft’s operating system. In any case, the media software will be usable on the Xbox One game console.

Version 17 of Kodi came out earlier this week. This was the first release to also be released in the Windows Store. Version 17 Krypton has, among other things, a new look and changes to the pvr and live TV functions.