Kingston introduces DC600M SSDs with SATA interface for data centers

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Kingston introduces its DC600M SSDs. These SATA drives are intended for use in data centers and include protection against data loss in the event of a power failure. The SSDs will be available in capacities up to 7680GB. The manufacturer does not mention recommended prices.

Kingston’s DC600M SSD

Kingston comes with five different DC600M variants, with 480, 960, 1920, 3840 and 7680GB storage capacity. The SSDs have TLC-NAND and a SATA 3.0 interface. According to Kingston, the DC600M series achieves sequential read and write speeds of up to 560MB/s and 530MB/s. The arbitrary 4k read speed is 94,000 iops across all variants, according to Kingston. The write speed falls in that area between 34,000 and 78,000, depending on the capacity.

According to Kingston, the SSDs are intended for use in servers and data centers. The SSDs thus receive various enterprise features, such as capacitors that must protect the drives against data loss or corruption in the event of a power loss. The SSDs must also have ‘predictable’ latencies. According to the manufacturer, the mean time between failures is two million hours. Kingston does not say when the SSDs will be available exactly and does not share suggested prices.

Kingston DC600M SSD specifications
Form factor, interface 2.5″, SATA 3.0
Capabilities 480GB, 960GB, 1920GB, 3840GB, 7680GB
Nand memory 3d tlc
Sequential Speeds (Read/Write) 480GB: 560/470MB/s
960GB: 560/530MB/s
1920GB: 560/530MB/s
3840GB: 560/530MB/s
7680GB: 560/530MB/s
Random speeds (read/write, 4k) 480GB: 94,000/41,000 iops
960GB: 94,000/65,000 iops
1920GB: 94,000/78,000 iops
3840GB: 94,000/59,000 iops
7680GB: 94,000/34,000 iops
Stamina 480GB: 876 terabytes written
960GB: 1752 terabytes written
1920GB: 3504 terabytes written
3840GB: 7008 terabytes written
7680GB: 14,016 terabytes written
Mean time between failures 2 million hours
Power consumption Idle: 1.30W
Average: 1.45W
Maximum (reading): 1.60W
Maximum (write): 3.60W