Kijkshop files for bankruptcy

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Retail chain Kijkshop seems to be on the verge of bankruptcy. According to the NOS, Kijkshop has confirmed that it will file for bankruptcy in court tomorrow. The retailer’s website is currently still accessible.

According to the NOS, a possible bankruptcy means that about 400 employees will lose their jobs. All seventy branches of Kijkshop will have to close their doors. It is not clear whether work is still being done behind the scenes on a possible relaunch or whether a takeover candidate is being sought.

The Swedish investor group that owns the retail chain says it tried to significantly increase Kijkshop’s online sales, but failed. In March last year, Kijkshop already closed twenty stores of the then 87 existing branches. Eight stores were already sold in 2016.

While writing this message, there was a message on the website that the site is temporarily out of use, but now the site seems accessible again and the range of the stores is still displayed. At the moment no bankruptcy of Kijkshop can be found in the insolvency register.

©ANP / Lex van Lieshout

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