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Kicks offers football in a new way

Football is still the most popular sport in the Netherlands. But the KNVB succeeds less and less to keep members when they get older. This is shown by the outflow figures of young adults (19-24 years) and adults (25-30 years).

Research shows that the time investment that requires active football membership is a common reason to stop. Many footballers also feel less and less at home in the classic range.

Sport broad there is a successful development towards flexible forms of supply that better meet the changing needs of the athlete. It is high time to go as a football sport in that development, with ‘ Kicks ‘.

The idea

Footballs has to be adapted much more to the wishes of the individual (former) footballers. Everything is nowadays on-demand and tailored as much as possible to individual wishes. Why should not that be possible with football? Flexibility is required in moment, location and connection form (membership). And on additional tasks such as bar services or washing shirts, many players are no longer waiting. People nowadays organize themselves easily, but like it when there is someone who takes care of that for them. Removing barriers is what we try to do as well as possible. Can not you play weekly? Then you will not come once. Do not have football friends? We recruit enough football players to organize a training. Do not you feel like paying a contribution for a year? Then you buy loose training or take a strippenkaart. Every threshold there is 1 too much.

What we do

Kicks organizes football training sessions on various evenings and locations in Utrecht and Amsterdam . For example, footballers always have a wide choice of a good night out, and a club in the neighborhood. We do not have an annual membership, you pay with us at a time, you take a strip card or from next month a subscription. Kicks is actually like walking into a gym, but then playing football.

Of course you can also walk into the park with a football, but if you are accustomed to the football game then playing football in a park is a pretty disorganized outing where you try to keep your group of friends together on a tuber field. We combine the possibility to choose where and when you want to play football, with a well organized character. At Kicks you always play on the fields of a football club, with lighting, a dressing room and a canteen. And that is not all.

With Kicks you get a trained coach who takes care of everything for you; Nike balls, expanded fields, filled bottles, equivalent teams and if you want some personal tips. We are an initiative of the KNVB so you also get a training of that level, without that being at the expense of the fun. We do not organize training sessions where you have to take sprints or where the trainer stops the game.

Relation to the KNVB

The traditional association offer still fits many people. The association as a gathering place of incredibly many different people remains a valuable asset, witness also the 500,000 active seniors. Kicks is therefore not out to cannibalize on the weekend football. We want to be an alternative for anyone who has already made the choice to quit, or is about to quit.

As a KNVB you have to go with the times because otherwise you will alienate yourself from a group of football players who are getting bigger and bigger. We think we should be there for all footballers, also the players who are not members of the KNVB. With Kicks we learn how to deal with that group of players who do not recognize themselves in the traditional range. We learn how to approach them, how we can easily get feedback from them and the most important thing: what we have to do to make football accessible to them. That is how the number of football players grows, and everyone benefits from that.

Innovation at Kicks

Kicks does not directly contribute to the core tasks of the KNVB and is therefore positioned separately. Kicks works as an independent project, a start-up under the wings of the KNVB. This offers room for innovation, for example in the tracking of individual statistics, the online reservation of your football evening, the investigation of new membership forms and football exercises. The KNVB can use these learnings to optimize the traditional range.

This blog post was written by Pim van den Hoorn from Kicks.

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