Kia EV6 gets ‘more than 510km’ range and 800V charging system

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Kia has fully unveiled the EV6, the brand’s first electric car on the E-GMP platform. With the largest 77.4 kWh battery pack and rear-wheel drive, the crossover has a range of ‘more than 510 kilometers’. Prices are not yet announced by Kia.

The EV6 is similar in many ways to the Hyundai Ioniq 5, both of which share the E-GMP platform. Both cars come with a 58kWh battery, although a larger 77.4kWh battery is also available for the EV6. Kia does not say what range the EV6 with four-wheel drive or the smaller battery pack has. The company does say that the crossover produces at least 125kW or 170hp and 350Nm. With four-wheel drive, the EV6 gets two electric motors, then the crossover delivers a maximum of 430kW or 585hp and 740Nm. This fastest version is called the EV6 GT, accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 260 km/h.

A special feature of the E-GMP platform is the possibility to charge with both 400V and 800V. Kia does not report how much power the battery can be charged with. In theory, an 800V battery can be charged with 350kW. The EV6 should be charged from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes. According to Kia, this is regardless of the battery size. The EV6 with rear-wheel drive and 77.4 kWh battery must be able to charge 100 km of range per 4.5 minute charging time via 800V.

The EV6 has an integrated charging control unit, which enables two v2l ports. These ports can charge other devices with up to 3.6kW. It can be household appliances, but also other EVs. The crossover has a connection for this at the rear and at the rear seat. With these V2L ports, a 55-inch TV and air conditioner can run simultaneously for more than 24 hours, claims Kia.

Kia already showed the interior of the EV6, now the company is giving more details. The two curved screens both measure 12″ and are processed as one display. The EV6 has an AR head-up display to show speed and navigation information, among other things. Behind the wheel are two pedals to choose from the six recuperation modes. Regenerative braking can be switched off or put in i-Pedal mode, among other things.In this position the car can recover maximum and the EV6 can also be brought to a stop without having to use the brake pedal.The EV6 also has driver assistance systems such as lane assist and an adaptive cruise control where the car stays in the middle of the lane and can change lanes or the crossover can be parked remotely.

Compared to the Ioniq 6, the EV6 is just as wide, but slightly longer and slightly less high. The Kia EV6 has a wheelbase of 2.9 meters, depending on the version is 4.68 to 4.695 meters long, 1.88 to 1.89 meters wide and 1.55 to 1.545 meters high. The luggage compartment of the EV6 is 520 liters, or 1300 liters with the rear seats folded down. The frunk is 52 liters in rear-wheel drive or 20 liters in four-wheel drive. Kia expects to start selling the EV6 in the second quarter.

Battery Drive Power Torque

77.4 kWh


77.4kWh EV6 GT

Four wheel drive 239kW/ 325hp 605Nm
rear-wheel drive 168kW/228hp 350Nm
rear-wheel drive 125kW/170hp 350Nm
Four wheel drive 430kW/585hp 740Nm

First three photos are of the EV6 GT-line, last three of the EV6 GT

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