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Kamado BBQ’s are the trend of the 2018 BBQ season

Upcoming weekend, the mercury will go to 30 degrees Celsius. Time to live outside so! A small pool for cooling, a drink and enjoy it. And of course it is also perfect temperature to organize a delicious BBQ . Invite some friends or family, you get a nice BBQ dish at the butcher, and you’re done!

Holiday allowance

An additional advantage is that you receive your holiday allowance in May (one of these days). A nice bonus after another year of hard work. So if that old BBQ needs to be replaced, you now have a nice time to buy a new one. And maybe just a good one, one that you do with for a bit longer than a few years. It turns out that buying a BBQ is considered almost as long as buying a car. What do you want to spend on it? What should all that be able to do? How often can you use it? All questions that determine what you choose.

Many different BBQs

Of course you can opt for a cheap BBQ that ‘just’ does, there are dozens of them, but if you want to invest in your BBQ for the long term, then the choice suddenly diminishes big. As a true BBQ fan you are of course also thinking about a kamado BBQ . Just admit it. The BBQ eggs are becoming increasingly popular because they are much more versatile than regular BBQs. They are in fact complete outdoor kitchens !

You can grill, sear, smoke hot & cold, do nice low & slow sessions, bake pizzas, fry ( rotisserie ) and even teppanyaki and wok. Because the ceramic exterior can be completely closed, you can influence the charcoal (and therefore the temperature) that is in it in many more ways and that way all these preparation methods are made possible.

Very versatile

And then we have not even mentioned the most beautiful feature. What distinguishes the kamado from all other BBQs is indirect bbq and by means of a ceramic disc (also called plate setter or heat reflector) between the charcoal and your preparations. By placing these you create convection, ie circulating hot air. That makes the device very versatile so that low ‘n slow sessions of up to 8 hours or more are possible.

Which brand do I want?

It is not surprising that these devices are making a big leap in the backyards of the Netherlands. Although, if properly chosen, it is a purchase for life, the prices for a good kamado BBQ are not as tender as the meat you can prepare. As mentioned, the choice is relatively limited and the best known kamado is the Big Green Egg .

Then there is Monolith, a German quality brand. They are innovatively busy with things like a rotisserie, teppan yaki plate and smoke wood supply system. They are even responsible for the entry of high tech in this scene with the Monolith BBQ Guru edition which has wifi controlled ventilation and where you can supply the air and control the core and grid temperature with an app for on your smartphone.

Dutch pride

If you go to look at a specialist site like Kamado Express or on the bestseller list on you can see that a Dutch brand is doing very well too: The Bastard. The brand was previously known as The Black Bastard, but that was not surprisingly recently changed. Depending on your need (and budget) you can get the Bastard from 32 to 57 centimeters, so you always have enough space to prepare your culinary delights.


The kamado BBQ is therefore definitely on the rise in people who take their outdoor cooking activities seriously, but you have to talk about it. Even if you receive an advantage package or shop credit (as with the link above) you should not be afraid to spend a thousand euros on a kamado BBQ. Then you are really ready – with proper maintenance. Not only for this summer, but for all summers that follow.

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