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Judgment court: SodaStream campaigns socially relevant

A number of producers of bottled soft drinks and effervescent water CoCa-Cola European Partners Belgium (Chaudfontaine), Danone (Evian), Nestlé Waters (Vittel and Perrier) and Spadel (Spa and Bru) have their joint lawsuit against SodaStream permanently lost.

The sparkling water brand had been sued for a second time for the campaigns’ Shame or Glory ‘,’ No Planet. No Christmas ‘and’ Do not be a homoschlepiens ‘.

Environmentally friendly

The online campaigns point to the environmentally-friendly alternative that SodaStream has to offer, but the prosecutors called the campaigns “ humiliating to consumers of plastic ” and wanted to ban them via a penalty of 50,000 euros daily publication.

It does not get that far. The judge now gives SodaStream the same line across the board and says that the message from SodaStream, namely that plastic disposable bottles cause damage to the environment, “ is essential and socially relevant information

Plastic bottles

The contamination resulting from the use of plastic bottles is a worldwide problem. At the UN conference on oceans in July 2017, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said: “If we do nothing, by 2050 more plastic waste will be swimming than fish in the sea.”

There is a turnaround at the European level, as is shown by the proposals of the European Commission and the realization that the waste mountain is problematic. In Europe, proposals are made to shrink the mountain of waste : by 2030 every plastic package on the market must be recyclable and, in addition, half of the 26 million tons of plastic waste must also be recycled by 2030.

Addressing the cause

However, avoiding plastic waste is still better, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than recycling plastic waste. The SodaStream campaigns are therefore aimed at tackling the cause of the waste problem. SodaStream offers a sustainable alternative for sparkling water and soft drinks in plastic bottles . A family with a SodaStream appliance saves an average of 2,000 PET bottles per year. The impact on the environment is therefore considerable.

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