Joled begins mass production of printed OLED panels from 10″ to 32″ for monitors

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The Japanese company Joled has started deliveries of its so-called Oledio-oled panels. These are mass-produced, printed OLED panels with diagonals from 10″ to 32″. These are intended for monitor manufacturers, among others.

Joled, a joint venture of Sony, Panasonic and Japan Display, says that these panels can be used for high-end monitors, but also for medical monitors and for use in cars. Previously production was still for prototypes, but from Monday there will be a switch from test to mass production. In 2019, Joled indicated that the capacity should eventually reach 220,000 panels per month.

In contrast to the chemical vapor deposition process that LG Display uses to manufacture the larger OLED panels for televisions, Joled uses an RGB printing technique. According to the company, this is a major innovation for the production of OLED panels, because it is a ‘simple and efficient process’. Joled says it is the world’s first production line for printable OLED panels.

On his own site, Joled displays three different OLED panels, with screen sizes of 22, 27 and 32 inches. These are all panels with a 4k resolution. The 27″ and 32″ variants have a peak brightness of 540cd/m², while the 22″ panel has a peak brightness of 350cd/m². LG is already working with Joled to release 27″ and 32″ monitors. LG previously announced the UltraFine OLED Pro 32EP950, a 31.5″ monitor based on a printed OLED panel from Joled.

ASUS and Eizo have already released monitors with a printed 21.6″ OLED panel from Joled in recent years. Those screens had a price of about five thousand euros at the introduction. Now that the mass production of the Joled panels has started, the prices should drop, but given the manufacturer aims at the high-end segment, the price will probably remain high.

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