John Romero’s Doom ‘Mod’ Sigil Has Been Delayed Until April

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John Romero, one of the programmers behind the original 25-year-old shooter game Doom, has announced that the paid release of Sigil has been delayed until April. The free version will follow after that.

With his studio Romero Games, John Romero Sigil should have been released this month, but he reports that some difficulties have surfaced during production. According to him, the extra time is needed to ‘make everything right for the fans’.

The delay means that the two paid limited editions, namely the Big Box or the Beast Box, will be released sometime in April. Romero does not give an exact release date yet. There will also be a free version of Sigil that is the same as the paid version, except for certain physical extras. This free version comes out after the paid versions are in the hands of the buyers.

Sigil picks up the story where the fourth episode of the original game left off. Romero previously indicated that the game can be regarded as the ‘unofficial successor’ to this fourth episode. The game contains nine maps for single player and nine fields for multiplayer. Sigil comes in the form of a Doom megawad file, allowing only owners of the original 1993 version of Doom to play it.

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