Job text Apple hints at previously unannounced operating system homeOS

A job description for a ‘senior iOS engineer’ for Apple Music includes a reference to a previously unannounced homeOS platform. That is a possible new operating system for smart home devices from Apple.

The vacancy text was spotted by developer Javier Lecort, who posted on Twitter. The text contains two references to a ‘homeOS’, a mobile platform next to iOS and watchOS. For example, the applying engineer would learn the ‘inner workings’ of iOS, watchOS and homeOS and the Apple Music Framework would work fully integrated on homeOS.

The text could hint at an announcement of a new homeOS operating system for smart home devices from Apple at the WWDC developer conference next Monday, Macrumors said. It could also be a rebrand of Apple’s current smart home products under a new name, according to iMore.

Apple’s job posting. Source: Apple.