Japan is investigating closure of Bitcoin exchange Mt. gox

The Japanese government is investigating the sudden closure of Mt. Gox, for a long time the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world. Rumor has it that Mt. Gox has been the victim of a multi-million dollar theft, or has committed fraud himself.

The Japanese authorities are currently collecting intelligence, a Japanese government spokesman told Reuters news agency. mt. Gox is located in the Japanese capital Tokyo. According to The Wall Street Journal, Mt. Gox also received a subpoena from the U.S. Attorney General.

Earlier this week, Mt. Gox suddenly opens his doors, without giving any apparent reason. It has not been possible to transfer Bitcoins for a long time. According to the Bitcoin exchange, this happened because the platform was vulnerable to the transaction malleability vulnerability. This allows a third party to modify the hash of a new transaction without invalidating the signature. If the abuser is quick, his version of the two transactions can be validated.

A leaked document, the authenticity of which has not been confirmed, suggests that the problem has led to 744,408 Bitcoins, worth at least $300 million, being stolen in recent years. Critics say that’s not possible at all, and it’s rumored that Mt. Gox himself is behind the theft. The whistleblower who leaked the document suspects Mt. Gox of committing fraud along with a number of other Bitcoin exchanges.