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Japan is going to help NASA with the development of the Lunar Gateway

The Japanese space agency is entering into a partnership with NASA for building the Lunar Gateway. This is a space station that orbits around the moon and can be used as a basis for moon landings.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the Japanese equivalent of NASA, has released a statement confirming that it will participate in the Lunar Gateway. The space agency had already expressed its intention to participate in the project. As a partner of NASA, Japan will focus on technical support, including the delivery of batteries, air conditioning, and oxygen systems, reports The Japan Times.

Japan has not yet confirmed that it will also contribute to the construction of the Lunar Gateway. The space organization would be concerned about the costs and would like to decide on this at a later stage.

The Lunar Gateway is a proposal from NASA to build an equivalent of the international space station to be orbit. Astronauts could then stay there, and use the Gateway as a base for moon landings. The station could also be used for transit to Mars; from the Lunar Gateway a trip to Mars could be completed in 300 to 400 days.

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