iTunes for Windows downloaded a million times

That the whole world was eagerly waiting for the Windows version of iTunes is a bit of an exaggeration, but that it was looked forward to is a fact. For example, within four days of its introduction there are already more than one million copies downloaded, one million songs sold and stored on the hard drive. That’s better than the original release to Mac users in April, when the one million songs milestone was reached after seven days.

In total, fourteen million songs have been sold since April and there will probably be several million more in the coming months. For example, new songs are continuously added to the content of the music store, so that about four hundred thousand songs will be available by the end of October. Despite this, Apple still isn’t making a profit on iTunes – the company doesn’t have much of a problem with this – as it wants to take advantage of the store in some other way. iTunes would be the sale of iPod products.