ISPs hit by ddos ​​attacks – update 2

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Internet provider Tweak is experiencing a malfunction. The provider reports that it has been hit by a ‘heavy DDOs attack’. Freedom Internet and Kabelnoord are also experiencing disruptions due to DDOs attacks.

Tweak writes that research is being conducted into the ddos ​​attack, and that a solution is being worked on. The company does not provide an indication when the issues are expected to be resolved. Tweak reported the ddos ​​attack on Monday around 7:23 pm on Twitter, with the provider reporting that customers may experience problems with their Internet connection. Tweak’s website is accessible. It can be seen on that the first problems were reported by users around 6 p.m.

Freedom Internet reported a “network disruption” at 8:32 p.m. due to a ddos ​​attack. As a result, according to the provider, it is possible that the internet connections of customers ‘do not work or work slowly’. The attack would also affect services that run over the internet, such as television. The first problems at Freedom were reported on around 7:00 PM.

The Frisian internet provider Kabelnoord is also currently suffering from a DDoS attack, the company writes on its website. The first problems with this provider were also reported around 6 pm on Kabelnoord also indicates that the situation is being investigated, but offers no indication of when the problems are expected to be solved.

Web hosting provider TransIP was also hit by a ddos ​​attack earlier today. According to the company, it was targeting its name servers. TransIP has now solved the problems, but is monitoring the situation, the web host writes on its site.

Update, 9:02 PM: Freedom Internet also reports that it is currently suffering from a DDoS attack. This has been added to the article.

Update 2, 9:30 PM: Tweak and Freedom Internet claim on their status pages that the ddos ​​attacks have been stopped. Kabelnoord writes that the company has ‘taken measures to counter the attack’.

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