IRobot allows Roomba i7 and S9 models to identify furniture and zones

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer iRobot provides various Roombas and the Braava mopping robot with the ability to recognize more detailed areas in the home. The more expensive models can then not only recognize a room, but also specific objects in the house.

The manufacturer is implementing the changes in a new version of the iRobot app. The company itself calls the changes Genius Home. It not only uses artificial intelligence to give the robots a more detailed cleaning schedule, but automations are also implemented via the app. The changes will be rolled out to all users starting Tuesday.

The Roomba models i7, i7 +, s9 and s9 + and the Braava Jet M6 can now detect furniture in addition to rooms. With those models it was already possible to specify zones and rooms in the app, but from now on the robots will also detect themselves where, for example, a sofa or dining table is located. A user can then designate those specific areas to clean. It will also be possible to indicate zones where the robot should not go, such as with the cables under a TV cabinet.

There will also be a possibility in the app to set different types of routines. IRobot itself cites an example where a user sets up an after-dinner routine in which the robot cleans around the dining table. Seasonal cleaning procedures are also taken into account, such as when pets shed more or when an allergy season starts.

Users can also connect the robots to all kinds of smart home devices via the app to set up routines. That was already possible through If This Then That. IRobot works together with Ifttt to also put those features in the app itself. For example, a vacuum cleaner can be programmed to automatically clean when a certain smart lock is activated. Incidentally, that function applies to all Roomba models and not only to the more expensive ones.