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iPad Pro 2021 gets 5G and better screen

The iPad Pro may have recently received a minor update, but we are already hearing concrete rumors about its successor that should be released in 2021. Among other things, it gets 5G and a much faster chip.

iPad Pro 2021: 5G, better screen

According to the Twitter account L0vetodream , the iPad Pro will be equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 modem next year. Super high speeds can be achieved with the 5G technology. It is of course about the iPad that supports WiFi and cellular.

The 2020 iPad Pro has an A12Z processor, in 2021 the iPad Pro will make the leap to the A14X. That will be an even faster variant of the chip that we expect for the iPhone 12 . There are again two sizes. We expect the largest to measure 12.9 inches. Apple often changes at the smallest size, so that’s to be seen.

In addition, the iPad Pro gets a much better screen based on the miniLED technology. The iPad Pro may be the first Apple product to get such a screen. Mini LED does not need a backlight; the pixels can produce their own light. This allows Apple to make the screen extra thin.

Maybe wait a while

The biggest criticism of the current iPad Pro is that its processor is not much faster than that of the iPad Pro 2018 . It had an A12X processor. So if you are disappointed with the current iPad Pro, you might want to wait a year for the next version.

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