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“iPad Pro 2020 gets Smart Keyboard with illuminated keys”

Apple is working hard on a new version of the iPad Pro, which will be released this year. Not only the tablet itself is thoroughly renewed; for the iPad Pro 2020 there would also be a new Smart Keyboard that you can purchase. The keyboard would be equipped with a scissor mechanism and background lighting.

Smart Keyboard iPad Pro 2020

The rumor comes from the Taiwanese Digitimes. The Smart Keyboard has remained virtually unchanged for a while, but Apple would like to thoroughly revise the keyboard. The illuminated keys would be an important addition; ideal if you work with the iPad in the evening.

In addition, the Smart Keyboard would use a scissor mechanism, just like the 16-inch MacBook Pro that was introduced in November. A striking rumor, since the scissor mechanism, makes the keyboard thicker and heavier. With the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple was forced to return to this mechanism due to complaints, but there is no clear reason for this with the Smart Keyboard.

More details about the Smart Keyboard are not known. If the rumor is correct, the Smart Keyboard provides a better typing experience that is very similar to typing on a MacBook. We expect that the Smart Keyboard not only works with the latest iPad Pro, but that you can also use it with the iPad Pro 2018.

It seems likely that the Smart Keyboard will already be announced in March, in addition to the launch of the iPad Pro 2020. The new iPhone SE 2 will probably also be revealed.

Or only at the end of 2021?

It remains to be seen whether the Smart Keyboard will indeed appear in March. The rumor of the constantly reliable DigiTimes is in contradiction with an earlier prediction of the renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. He claimed that Apple would not renew the accessory until the end of 2021.

Instead, Apple would focus the keyboard this year on the upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2020, to be presented later this year. These MacBooks are said to receive the same “Magic Keyboard” as the new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

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