iPad mini 2021: leaked specifications reveal surprise

Following on from the iPad Pro and iPad Air, the iPad mini will also get a borderless design without a home button this year. 9to5Mac reports this based on sources. Furthermore, the first specifications of the new iPad mini 2021 have been leaked, which should appear at the end of this year. There is a pleasant surprise in between.

iPad mini 2021 specifications

If you’re buying an iPad now, you’d better skip the iPad mini. Under the hood is an outdated A12 Bionic chip and the mini has a dated appearance. The screen is surrounded by large edges and unlocking is done with the fingerprint scanner: Touch ID.

Soon the mini will be one to be seen again. In addition to the new looks, the iPad mini would be enhanced by an incredibly powerful A15 chip, which Apple will soon also bring to the iPhone 13 models. This is surprising, because it will make the iPad mini (for a while) more powerful than the more expensive iPad Air. Sources from 9to5Mac claim that Apple is also working on a faster A15X variant, which the company will bring to other iPads at a later date.

Just like the iPad Pro and iPad Air, the iPad mini will have a USB-C connection. This makes it possible to connect many more peripherals to the iPad mini, including external hard drives and monitors. Furthermore, the iPad mini also gets a Smart Connector. This connector can transfer both data and power – best for connecting a keyboard.

iPad 2021

There is also news about the entry-level iPad. It would be powered by an A13 chip. That’s an improvement over last year’s A12, but we’d find it striking (and disappointing) if Apple didn’t opt ​​for the A14. There have also been rumors that the home button will be retained. The iPad is said to adopt a design similar to the iPad Air 2019.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously wrote that the iPad mini will be released later this year. It also looks like the iPad mini will have a larger screen due to the narrower bezels. Ming-Chi Kuo is counting on a display of 8.5 to 9 inches. Now the screen measures 7.9 inches diagonally.

Source: 9to5Mac

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