Internal memo: OnePlus will be a subsidiary brand of OPPO

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According to internal talking points about the merger of OPPO and OnePlus, OnePlus will become a subsidiary brand of OPPO. OnePlus will continue to operate as an ‘independent entity’. OnePlus previously said it would work more closely with OPPO.

With the integration, OnePlus will become a ‘brand within OPPO, but will continue to work as an independent body’. This is evident from talking points that Evan Blass has received. It is not known whether the topics of discussion will come from OnePlus or OPPO.

The memo follows OnePlus’ announcement that the two companies would work more closely together. At that time, no concrete details were given; for example, it was not clear at the time that OnePlus would come under OPPO.

The memo states that both will be merged. The brands will work independently of each other, but will share many business units. The memo discusses, among other things, R&D, the supply chain and production capabilities that will be shared.

According to the new memo, the entire integration process should be completed by the end of this year. Pete Lau, co-founder and current CEO of OnePlus, becomes chief product officer at OPPO. When asked whether OPPO will have access to OnePlus user data, the memo states that employees should say that “OnePlus will store the user data on its own servers as always.” Employees are also not allowed to respond substantively to OS or ColorOS questions.

Through Evan Blass

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