Intel supplies Arc GPUs to manufacturers, but gives few details

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Intel has started supplying its Arc GPUs to laptop and PC manufacturers. According to Intel, fifty laptops and desktops with Arc GPUs will soon be released. Intel has not yet mentioned details, specifications or prices of the GPUs.

According to Intel, the 50 designs come from manufacturers Acer, ASUS, Clevo, Dell, Gigabyte, Haier, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, MSI and NEC. It concerns both mobile devices and desktops, which will be equipped with Intel’s Arc video cards. Intel has not yet said when the products will hit the market.

During its CES keynote, Intel showed off an Alienware X17 laptop and a Lenovo Yoga convertible that would be equipped with an Arc GPU. However, it is not clear which GPU is in it. Intel’s first-generation Arc video cards will be named Alchemist, and rumor has it that there will be plenty of variations, ranging from entry-level models that offer performance similar to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, to high-end graphics cards that are said to offer RTX 3070 performance.

Intel’s Arc GPUs support hardware ray tracing and Intel’s Xe Super Sampling technology. XeSS is a counterpart to Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR, for upscaling games. Intel, in partnership with 505 Games, announces that the PC version of Death Stranding will be the first game with XeSS support.

In addition to 505 Games, Codemasters, EXOR Studios, Fishlabs, Hashbane, IOI, Illfonic, Kojima Productions, Massive Work Studio, PUBG Studios, Techland, Ubisoft and Wonder People are working to integrate XeSS into their titles. This year, Intel says XeSS will be available in a “wide selection” of games.

Intel reveals little news about its Arc video cards in its CES presentation. The manufacturer has previously said that the Arc GPUs should be on the market from the first quarter of 2022. The manufacturer now only talks about integration into systems. It is not yet clear when separate video cards with Arc GPUs will appear.

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