Intel releases more details about first Core M CPUs

Intel released more details on Monday about its new 14nm Core M CPUs. The CPUs are intended for devices with a thickness of eight to ten millimeters, such as tablets, and will be on the market this fall.

The Core M processors, until recently known as Broadwell, are the successor to the current Haswell generation of Intel processors. The chips are produced at 14nm, where it was previously 22nm. The first generation, the specifications of which appeared online last month, consists of three dual cores, which can be passively cooled.

The Core M chips, based on the Broadwell architecture, are derived from desktop processors and are a lot more powerful. According to Intel, the graphics performance of the Broadwell CPUs is seven times better than with previous chips, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. In addition, the chips would be twice as fast for regular computing tasks and would be more economical, which could lead to smaller batteries.

According to the chip maker, the first devices with the Broadwell processors produced at 14nm will appear during the holidays. However, the majority will only appear in consumer products after that, starting next year. That is much later than planned, because Intel initially said that the first 14nm chips would appear at the end of last year. However, due to unknown technical problems, this was not feasible.

One of the first devices with a Core M processor will be the Transformer Book 300 Chi from Asus, which was shown earlier. It is a 12.5″ tablet just over 7mm thick that is completely passively cooled. The Chi can be inserted into a keyboard dock to turn it into a laptop and should be on store shelves before the end of this year .