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Intel presents Lakefield CPUs with big.Little design and stacked memory

Intel announces the Core i5-L16G7 and Core i3-L13G4. The economical Lakefield chips are made at 10nm and consist of one powerful Sunny Cove core, combined with four economical Tremont cores. The lpddr4x memory is placed on top of the chip.

Intel ranks Lakefield processors in the new Intel Core processor category with Intel Hybrid Technology. They are the smallest Intel Core processors yet and are intended for economical devices, such as tablets and thin laptops. The chips have a tdp of 7 watts.

The Lakefield processors have dimensions of 12x12x1mm and a stacked design, with the cores and I / O parts placed on separate layers using Intel’s Foveros technique . The chips are combined with up to 8GB of lpddr4x-4267 memory and that is integrated on top of the chip.

Intel combines two architectures in one chip with the Lakefield processors for the first time. The CPUs have five cores, one of which is a fast Sunny Cove core and four economical Tremont cores. Intel also uses the Sunny Cove architecture for its Ice Lake processors. The Tremont architecture is the latest generation of Intel’s Atom cores.

The Lakefield processors have a Gen11 GPU, which Intel also puts in its Ice Lake processors. These are variants with 48 or 64 execution units . Intel talks about UHD Graphics, while with the Ice Lake processors the GPUs with those quantities of EUs are referred to as Iris Plus. This may have to do with the limited maximum clock speed of 0.5GHz for the Lakefield GPU. At Ice Lake that is a maximum of 1.1GHz.

According to Intel, the combination of a powerful core and four economical cores makes the processor smaller and more efficient. Such big.Little designs have been common in socs for smartphones for years. The Lakefield chips are 56 percent smaller than the Amber Lake processor Core i7-8500Y, according to Intel, and the standby power consumption would be 2.5mW, 91 percent lower than the i7-8500Y.

Intel has worked with Microsoft so that Windows 10 can properly divide the tasks between the powerful core and the economical core. Foreground tasks are assigned to the Sunny Cove core and things that run in the background are handled by the Tremont cores.

In the Lakefield series, a Core i5 and Core i3 appear. The chips have the same amount of cores and cache, but the i5 achieves faster clock speeds and has a GPU with more eu’s. The first device on the market with a Lakefield processor, the Samsung Galaxy S Book . It will be published in a number of countries in June. Lenovo’s foldable ThinkPad X1 Fold will be released later this year . Microsoft’s Surface Neo tablet with two screens will also receive a Lakefield chip.

Processor Cores / threads Clock speed. Max. Turbo
single core
Max. Turbo
all core
GPU Cache Tdp
Core i5-L16G7 5/5
1x Sunny Cove
4x Tremont
1.4GHz 3.0GHz 1.8GHz Gen11
64 eu’s
4MB 7W
Core 3-L13G4 5/5
1x Sunny Cove
4x Tremont
0.8GHz 2.8GHz 1.3GHz Gen 11
48 eu’s
4MB 7W


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