Intel and Micron introduce business SSDs with 64-layer qlc-nand chips

Intel and Micron have presented the 5210 ION. According to the companies, this enterprise ssd based on qlc-nand is the first commercially manufactured ssd that has a 1Tbit. The 2.5 “data ssds are available in storage capacities of between 2 and 8 TB.

The nandchips in the new SSDs consist of 64 layers of memory cells, each cell consisting of 4 bits and there a capacity of 1Tbit per that is achieved, as a result of which the SSDs have higher storage capacities than, for example, TL. According to Micron and Intel, a 33 percent higher density has been achieved with respect to TLC, thanks to the so-called CMOS under the array According to Micron, it was possible to further increase the size of the dies and the performance.
Qlc has the advantage of higher storage capacities, but it does result in lower read speeds and a short life span. Micron and Intel have no exact specifications yet for example, the maximum number of write cycles or the read and write speeds, and it is not yet clear when the SSDs will be available and how much they will cost.
Micron and Intel also say that work is being done on a new generation of 3d nand, where no 64 but 96 layers of memory cells are used. This results in an even greater capacity increase than the transition from tlc to qlc: it must enable 50 per cent greater capacity compared to 3d nand with 65 layers. SK Hynix has previously announced ssd’s with 72-layer 3d-nand memory .