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Intel makes 1.5TB Optane SSDs available

Intel adds 1.5 TB variants to its line of Optane SSDs. The higher storage capacity comes both to the Optane 905P line for consumers and to the P4800X, which is intended for the enterprise market.

Intel makes the 1.5TB storage capacity available in an add-in board model and an u2 variant of the 905P. Up to now, the highest storage capacity for consumer Optanes was 960GB. Up to now only an insert card of that model was available, but Intel now adds an u2 model to it. The 905P of 960GB has a suggested retail price of 1299 dollars for both the PCI-e card and the u2 form factor.

The price of the 1.5TB models will be even higher, but the exact prices Intel does not yet known. Intel also reports the existence of a 380GB model with m2-form factor on its 905P site but this seems not yet available.

From the enterpriseproduct P4800X, 750GB was up to now the maximum storage capacity, but Intel also brings the maximum here to 1.5TB. This again applies to both the plug-in card and the u2-ssd. The P4801X is also new for the enterprising market. This is u2 storage of 100GB. Prices are not yet known.

Intel’s Optane drives are based on 3D Xpoint phase memory memory that distinguishes itself with low latency, random 4k i / o performance and endurance

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