Intel acquires smartwatch maker Basis

Intel is said to have acquired the smart watch maker Basis for an amount between 100 million and 150 million dollars, converted respectively 73 million and 109 million euros. Basis is the maker of the smart watch of the same name, which is mainly aimed at health applications.

Basis would have put itself in the shop window some time ago and, among other things, had talks with Google and Apple about an acquisition. In the end, it’s Intel that will run off with the San Francisco company, TechCrunch reports, with one of the site’s sources citing a $100 million acquisition price, while another is talking about $150 million.

According to the company itself, the Basic Health Tracker Watch is the most advanced on the market today. The bracelet can measure heart rate, sweat content and body temperature, among other things, while an accelerometer is also present. The wearable can also extensively monitor the user’s sleep rhythm. The Basic Health Tracker Watch competes in this growing market with, among others, the Fitbit and the Jawbone. In addition, Samsung has announced a sports bracelet and Apple is reportedly working on a wearable that focuses on health monitoring.

During the CES fair in January, Intel already showed that it will focus strongly on the wearable market, in addition to the emerging market for the Internet of Things. However, the chip giant has barely a foothold, unlike competitors such as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics. However, the group wants to be there early and not miss the boat, as it largely did with smartphones and tablets. With the acquisition of Basis, Intel would in any case acquire the necessary knowledge.

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