Instagram tells you from now on when you can stop scrolling

You can keep scrolling on Instagram. With the non-chronological timeline it is difficult to know if you have already seen all posts. Users keep scrolling, looking for new content.

Instagram users may no longer have to scroll through their timeline indefinitely. Currently, Instagram is testing a notification that indicates when you’ve seen all the new posts from the last 48 hours.
We do not yet know exactly how the new Instagram feature will work. For example, it is not yet known whether you have actually seen all posts from the previous two days after getting the report.
For whom is this future new feature a welcome innovation? These are the entire active users who do not want to miss a holiday or selfie. Until a year ago, the timeline of Instagram was chronological. The result is that users now miss content. The new feature can solve this.

Spend your time well

Another reason for Instagram to introduce the new feature is the desire not to allow users to spend too much time on social media. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for example, gives priority to the welfare of the users instead of profit. For example, in the fourth quarter of 2017, Facebook reduced the number of viral videos to such an extent that it cost one million users in the US and Canada. Not only do Facebook and Instagram participate in the ‘spend your time well’ trend, but Android and Apple also prefer the user’s well-being above maximizing the time users spend online.
Apps do well to respond to this development. Otherwise they have no chance of being taken seriously by the big systems and tech companies.