ING introduces energy robot

Delicious, that heating in the office and hanging outside the icicles on the wall. Or the air conditioning that is on when it is outside of 30 degrees. However, a lot of energy is often wasted at companies. Lighting or cooling when nobody is present in a building is no exception. ING , therefore, comes with an Energy Robot.

Waste in buildings

This robot uses algorithms and data from smart energy meters of buildings. He also compares this data fully automatically, all day and night, with an exact benchmark of the specific building. With this, up to 15% of energy saving options can be identified.

Although the detection and prevention of energy waste in buildings is by far the cheapest measure to reduce CO2 emissions, this topic is often not a priority, partly because the waste is not clearly visible. That is why ING offers the Energy Robot for all clients of the real estate branch ING Real Estate Finance.

Avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions

Managers, installers, energy companies and users know how to improve energy management in their buildings quickly and cheaply. As a result, less energy and maintenance is required, plants age less quickly and unnecessary CO2 emissions are avoided. In addition, the Energy Robot also meets the statutory obligation to have an energy monitoring system that applies to many buildings since 1 January.

Major impact in ING real estate portfolio

For the real estate portfolio financed by ING REF, it is possible to save € 30 million in energy costs and 92,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, without any extra investments from ING customers needed.